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About Us

Brooklyn Grid is a privately held real estate investment company with headquarters in New York City.  We focus on acquiring and managing multifamily residential and mixed-use properties within the NYC Metropolitan area where the economy continually outperforms other regions due to popularity and population growth. Our real estate holdings are in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and to a lesser extent, west of the Hudson River in Jersey City, Union City, and the Ironbound section of Newark.  Our portfolio is ever-expanding as we continually pursue and capitalize on opportunities to maximize long-term gain.


Our Strategy

We implement a top-down philosophy whereby we scrutinize each opportunity for its intrinsic value first, achieving positive cash flow and superior rates of appreciation. Key opportunities arise within newly gentrifying zones in up and coming areas in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Newark

Construction Worker

Our founders bring 25+ years combined experience in real estate investment, development and management

We have the speed and agility to pursue smaller, yet lucrative deals that bigger firms often cannot, and we have the skills and know-how to manage them in a way that is lean and effective, optimizing returns on investment

New York City
Brownstone Buildings

Time-tested “buy and hold” approach to maximize long-term gain

We have a well-established network of brokers, builders, contractors, lenders, accounting and legal professionals.
We get the “right” deals and get them done right

Successful Work Team

Recently Completed Projects


354 Bradford Steet, Brooklyn, NY


128 S Fordham Rd, Hicksville, NY


Our Ethics

Brooklyn Grid strives to maintain the highest moral and ethical standards. We work honestly and ethically with the best interests of our partners, our team members, and all other associated parties in mind. We place integrity above all else and believe that our ethical practices show through in our investments' performance and reputation within the local market and industry.



1216 Olmstead Avenue, Storefront A, Bronx, New York 10462

(347) 855-4452

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